After the “End of History”: Progressive Alternatives to the Refeudalization and “Techno-Socialism”

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Occupation: Professor at Department of Political Economy of Faculty of Economics, Director of Center for Modern Marxist Studies at Faculty of Philosophy
Affiliation: Lomonosov Moscow State University
Address: Moscow, Russia
Journal nameSotsiologicheskie issledovaniya
EditionIssue 11

The article continues the author's publications in the journal “Sociological Studies”, in which it was shown that contradictions of the neoliberal model of late capitalism pose a threat of the society involution towards conservative liberalism and refeudalization. The new text demonstrates a possibile implementing jf a progressive alternative to this trend and criticizes currently popular idea of "technosocialism". The author argues that the developing relations of transit to the "kingdom of freedom" in the space of late capitalism presupposes (1) the active regulation of social reproduction in order to effect a transition from the orientation of socio-economic development to profit and GDP growth to eco-socio-humanitarian priorities; (2) reforming property relations in the direction of socialization; (3) redistributing part of the parasitically used excess incomes of simulacra people (rentiers, financiers, show business persons, professional sports stars, etc.) for the purposes of social development and (4) the progress from manipulated democracy to dialectical unity of civil society and essential democracy. The subject of these changes – a kind of "progressor" – can become a union of creative workers of the public sector (“socialists”) with highly professional industrial proletariat realizing their strategic interests politically and ideologically.

Keywords"the end of history", late capitalism, neoliberalism, conservatism, refeudalization, "realm of freedom", post-capitalism, socialiat
Publication date11.01.2024
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