Impact of the Coronacrisis on the Situation of Different Stratа of the Population

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Occupation: Researcher
Affiliation: Institute of Sociology of FCTAS RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Occupation: Senior Researcher
Affiliation: Institute of Sociology of FCTAS RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Journal nameSotsiologicheskie issledovaniya
EditionIssue 12

The article analyzes coronacrisis impact on various segments of the population. The purpose is to identify universal and local consequences of the pandemic, as well as the sources to resist new challenges. For the analysis we use data from a FCTAS RAS study in the spring of 2021. The study showed that financial risks for representatives of all social groups are universal in Russian conditions. For disadvantaged segments of the population, for all analyzed reasons, the risks associated with obtaining stable incomes and employment grew. They are also less likely to contract the coronavirus and make significant lifestyle changes. For prosperous Russians, the risks associated with work are significantly lower. This allowed them to quickly adapt to epidemiological restrictions, learn new skills for their work. However, risks of contracting coronavirus and abandoning their usual lifestyle were higher for them. Thus, the ability to quickly adapt to new challenges in modern Russia is determined more by the quality of human potential and level of social protection in the workplace than by the income size. Along with this, potential weakening of positions under impact of the coronavirus and growing international tension of representatives of the upper and middle strata create significant risks of changes in the social structure, as well as transformation of channels and factors of social mobility.

Keywordscoronacrisis, aftermath of the pandemic, income stratification, human potential, resource endowment, social security in the workplace
Publication date27.12.2022
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