The Miners` and Metallurgical Workers Union of Russia: Political, Legal, and Civic Aspects of the Activity

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Journal nameSotsiologicheskie issledovaniya
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Presented analysis of the political, legal and civil aspects of the Miners` and Metallurgical Workers Union of Russia (MMWU) activities provides grounds to identify it as a rather successful actor in the policy of civil society development, social cohesion and societal integration of Russian society. The team of the Department of Comparative Political Studies of the IS RAS has been studying the activities of the MMWU for over 25 years; a solid database was collected and a series of empirical studies of the trade union's activities was conducted. The results of the latest survey served as a basis in this review and data from previous studies are also used. The findings of long-term monitoring gave the authors grounds to substantiate the conclusions reached. The formation of the MMWU as a modern type trade union is based on its conscious efforts in rationalization and modernization of membership. Thanks to it and due to the involvement of trade-union members in civic and political life MMWU activist potential has been maintained. Development of collective bargaining relations is a top priority of MMWU's policy. It has ensured protection of social and labor rights of workers. But not solely. Whаt is especially important it has generated a political and legal space at the enterprises, the ethos and norms of which have been extrapolated to the regional and federal levels in the most vital realms for the healthy community. They legitimize social and political orders, increase institutional trust level, create favorable conditions for promoting emancipatory values and thereby agency and empowerment.

Keywordstrade union, types of participation, trade union and civic activism, normative-value attitudes, institutional trust
Publication date27.12.2022
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