The Soviet Sociological Association in Institutionalizing Sociology in the USSR

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Occupation: Head of the UNESCO chair in social Sciences and Humanities at the Institute of Social and Political Studies
Affiliation: Institute of Social and Political Studies
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Journal nameSotsiologicheskie issledovaniya
EditionIssue 12

The author considers the genesis and formation of the Soviet sociological Association, its role and place in the sociological renaissance (1950th – 1980th), which ended with the institutionalization of Russian sociology as an independent scientific and educational discipline. On the basis of official documents and declassified archival materials, the analysis of the stages, specific events and personalities of the renaissance process in sociology was carried out, they were given an objective assessment, the inconsistency of falsifications in this area was proved. The problems discussed in the article concern: 1) the integration of Soviet social science after 1953 into the International Sociological Association as the first step in the institutionalization of sociology in the USSR; 2) the key problems of the Soviet Sociological Association including the contribution of specific scientists of that time in the development and adoption of relevant decisions; 3) the institutionalization of Russian sociology as the final stage of the renaissance of sociology in our country. 

Keywordssociology, sociological Renaissance, institutionalization, integration (academic), international cooperation, convergence
Publication date09.01.2019
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