Local Self-Government as an Object of Analysis in Russian Sociology of the Last Third of XX – Early XXI Century

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Occupation: Head of the Department of sociology and social technologies, vice-rector for educational work
Affiliation: Tver State Technical Universit
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Affiliation: Tver State Technical University
Address: Russian Federation
Journal nameSotsiologicheskie issledovaniya
EditionIssue 12

Evolution of the research issues of local self-government in Russian sociology from the last third of the 20th century to the present is traced in the article. Methodology of research – analysis of texts of articles, monographs, dissertations. Three stages of evolution of representations of the national sociologists about local self-government are offered: soviet, post- soviet, modern. Tendencies of research evolution are defined: development of different approaches to the study of local selfgovernment; growth of interdisciplinary research; complex analysis of municipal practice; perception of individuals and local communities as subjects of governance (self-government); formation of the objectsubject area of sociological analysis of self-governing practices. Specifics of the sociological approach to the study of local self-government are shown. 

KeywordsRussian sociology, local self-government, evolution of research issues of local selfgovernment, sociological approach to the analysis of local self-government
AcknowledgmentThe article was prepared with the support of RFBR, grant No. 18-011-01240 A
Publication date09.01.2019
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