Labor Behavior of Population from Remote Countryside of Khakassia

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Occupation: Senior Research Fellow
Affiliation: Khakass Research Institute for Language, Literature, and History
Address: Abakan, Russia
Journal nameSotsiologicheskie issledovaniya
EditionIssue 3

An interest for the study of rural labor strategies is due to the socio-economic processes in rural areas. Rural population is forced to look out for own adaptation strategies because of agriculture crisis, meagre labor market, and unemployment. Remote countryside is in a most difficult situation, caused by its limited capabilities. The purpose of this article is to study labor behavior of remote countryside population (on the example of Republic of Khakassia). The research focuses on employment at the main place of job, involvement in secondary or episodic employment, maintaining a personal subsidiary farm and motivation for labor activity. Three groups of respondents with different labor activity are identified. The study confirmed that material well-being depends on the labor behavior attitudes.

Keywordsrural population, labor behavior, secondary employment, unemployment, personal subsidiary farm, household, farmstead, livestock
Publication date07.04.2023
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