Issue 4

  • Volume: 12
  • Issue number: 4

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Anticonvulsant Galodif Influence on Alcohol Motivation, Brain Receptor Systems and Cytokine in Experiment I. Savkin / E. Markova / T. Shushpanova / T. Novozheeva / V. Kozlov Pages 733-735
Peculiarities of Cytokine Synthesis Circadian Rhythms in Patients with Essential Arterial Hypertension O. Radaeva / A. Simbirtsev Pages 730-732
Persistence of VEB DNA in Children after the Infectious Mononucleosis O. Popova / Z. Khokhlova Pages 728-730
The Main Clinical, Laboratory and Immunological Parameters in Patients with Leptospirosis in Saint-Petersburg O. Petrova / N. Stoyanova / V. Basina / D. Dzyuban / N. Lubimova / N. Аrsentieva / N. Тоkarevich / A. Semenov / A. Тоtolyan Pages 725-727
Clinical Efficiency of Nutriceutics with the Epigenom-directed Action at the Metabolic Syndrome I. Savkin / I. Goldina Pages 736-738
State of Cardiovascular and Respiratory System Function in Food Botulism in the Kyrgyz Republic S. Salieva / K. Tachov / A. Murzakulova Pages 739-742
Application of Original Psychocorrection Method for Neuroimmunopathology A. Smyk Pages 748-750
Acquainted Angioedema: Clinical and Immunological Characteristics of Various Forms T. Sitdikova / A. Vlasova Pages 746-748
Immunotropic Therapy of Allergen-induced Phenotype of Bronchial Asthma in Children: Rationale and Clinical and Immunological Aspects of the Performance T. Sitdikova / E. Prosekova / O. Zhdanova Pages 743-745
Spleen Mass Coefficient – a New Marker of Intrauterine Infection S. Perepelitsa / O. Vozgoment Pages 722-724
Assessment Criteria of Cell Death Indicators under Increased Contamination of Biological Media with Strontium E. Otavina / D. Dianova Pages 719-721
A New Recombinant Tuberculosis Vaccine Safety Studies М. Mikheeva / G. Alexandrov / Е. Varyushina / M. Zakharov / А. Kiryanova / О. Khuttunen / А. Rumyantseva / I. Mitrofanov / I. Bendt / А. Polyanskaya / А. Chistyakova / N. Artyomova / A. Simbirtsev Pages 704-706
Cytokine Mediated (IL-8, G-CSF, Epo) Regulation of Monocytes/macrophages Functionality M. Meniailo / V. Malashchenko / A. Markhaychuk / N. Gazatova / O. Melashchenko / E. Shunkin / A. Melnikov / A. Goncharov Pages 701-703
System of Matrix Metalloproteinase in Herpethic Uretrite E. Markelova / N. Chepurnova / M. Tulupova Pages 699-701
The Time of TNFα, INFγ, TGFβ2 in Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) Prior and Following the Coronary Bypass Graft Surgery (CABG) E. Markelova / A. Zenina / O. Sidorova Pages 696-698
Use of Lectins for Analysis of Glycans in Recombinant Protein Biopharmaceuticals V. Monakhova / M. Sushkin / N. Pigareva / A. Simbirtsev Pages 707-709
Autoantibodies in Patients with Pulmonary Sarcoidosis O. Moskalets Pages 709-711
Complex Treatment of Patients with Chronic Pyelonephritis Applying Licopid G. Nurtdinova / D. Vagapova / E. Galimova Pages 717-719
Disbalance of T-cell and of Humoral Immunity in the Development of Radiation Damage to Lungs and Pelvic Organs T. Mushkarina / E. Kuzmina / T. Konstantinova / V. Kurasova / N. Sirotkina Pages 714-716
Diagnostic and Prognostic Significance of Soluble Cell Adhesion Molecules in Typical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome O. Moskalets / T. Pankratenko Pages 711-713
ELISA for Quantitative Detection of Recombinant Toxoid in the Composition of Complex Vaccine against Pseudomonas Infection A. Soldatenkova / O. Borisova / A. Kudryashova / N. Mikhailova Pages 751-753
Condition of Cellular Immunity in Children Infected with Human Herpes Virus Type 6 I. Solovyeva / E. Galich / M. Kostinov / A. Kuselman / A. Solovyeva / Y. Antokhina / A. Gushchina / M. Stenyushkina / V. Bezik Pages 753-755
The Achievement of Control of Difficult for the Treatment of Asthma in a Patient in Real Clinical Practice E. Churyukina / A. Lebedenko Pages 794-796
Evaluation of Biomarkers of Immune Activation in Patients with HIV Infection E. Chigaeva / N. Pshenichnaya / A. Matuzkova / A. Staseva / S. Ivanova / T. Tverdokhlebova Pages 791-793
Immunomodulatory Therapy in Acute Intestinal Infections: the Status of Intestinal Cytokines and Pharmacoeconomic Evaluation of the Effectiveness E. Chigaeva / N. Pshenichnaya / A. Buslenko / A. Aleshkina / A. Usatkin / A. Zhuravlev / G. Gopatsa Pages 788-790
Differences of Functional Indicators of Liver Damage in Experimental Toxic Hepatitis and the Methods of their Correction V. Chereshnev / Z. Shafigullina / S. Medvedeva / I. Gette / S. Brilliant / I. Danilova Pages 785-787
Cytokine Therapy in Complex Treatment of Patients with Bronchial Asthma with Secondary Immune Deficiency E. Churyukina Pages 796-798
Development of a Highly Sensitive Immunochromatographic Test for the Detection of Antigens of the Dengue Virus E. Shaulina / I. Shilenko / S. Yarkov / E. Khramov Pages 799-801
Lymphocytes Apoptosis Indicators at Newborns with Extremely Low Body Mass M. Shtepo / L. Bachmutowa / I. Uteshova Pages 808-809
Application of Heat Shock Protein HSP70 for Immunotherapy of Malignant Tumors М. Shevtsov / B. Margulis / I. Guzhova / B. Nikolaev / А. Ischenko / G. Multhoff / А. Simbirtsev Pages 805-807
Membrane-bound Heat Shock Protein HSP70 as a Target for Theranostics of Tumors М. Shevtsov / B. Margulis / I. Guzhova / B. Nikolaev / A. Ischenko / G. Multhoff / A. Simbirtsev Pages 802-804
Impact of Macrophage Activity Modulation on the Status of Insulinocytes at Modeling of Diabetes Mellitus 2 Type V. Chereshnev / A. Belousova / K. Sokolova / I. Danilova / I. Gette Pages 782-784
Analysis of Cell Death Indicators by Employees under Production Exposure to Phenol Ju. Chelakova / O. Kazakova / O. Dolgikh Pages 779-781
Issues of Child Vaccination in Krasnodar N. Tkhakushinova / O. Bevzenko / L. Ledenko / T. Shaturina Pages 764-766
Enterovirus Infections in Krasnodar Region at the Present Stage: Clinical and Epidemiological Characteristics N. Tkhakushinova / L. Ledenko / O. Bevzenko / T. Shaturina Pages 761-763
Age Peculiarities of the State of the T-lymphocyte Regulation System in Children with Bronchial Asthma Living in Territories Approved to Specialized Chemical Production V. Troshina / N. Zokirov / S. Tarakanova / V. Gladkikh Pages 758-760
The Impact of Chlamydia Pneumoniae Infection on the Immune Status of Children I. Solovyeva / L. Shalunova / A. Solovyeva / K. Zakuraeva / T. Krivozubova / O. Martynovich Pages 756-758
Change of TGF-β1 Serum Level in Patients with Acute Kindey Injury during Heart Surgery O. Fomina / V. Fisenko / A. Kostuschko Pages 767-768
Level of IL-8, -13 in Patients with Acute Kidney Injury during Heart Surgery O. Fomina / V. Fisenko / V. Arsenina / E. Chagina Pages 769-771
Allergological Pathology in Sports of Higher Achievements A. Chadina / I. Kruglova / A. Kapitonova Pages 777-779
The Role of Polymorphic Variants of the HLA-DRB1 Gene in the Development of Congenital Heart Diseases A. Tsepokina / A. Shabaldin / S. Shmulevich / E. Shabaldina / A. Ponasenko Pages 774-776
Study of Mononuclear and Tumor Cell Migration toward TLRS Ligands and CXCL12 A. Filina / Y. Ammour / O. Svitich Pages 771-773
Modifying Effect of Stable Strontium on Cell Death within the Conditions of Experiment A. Mazunina / E. Mukhacheva / O. Dolgikh Pages 693-695
Hepatitis C Virus Core+1/F Protein as a Possible Factor in the Progression of Chronic Process E. Lichnaia / M. Belopolskaya / V. Kovaleva / E. Esaulenko / O. Kalinina Pages 690-692
Association of Polymorphous Locus rs3939286 IL33 Gene with the Risk of Development and the Degree of Severity of Bronchial Asthma A. Borisova / D. Karimov / E. Idiatulina / T. Kutlina / Ya. Valova / G. Mukhhamadieva / A. Bakirov / E. Galimova / G. Nurtdinova Pages 612-614
Comparative Effectiveness of Methods of Diagnosis of Allergy to Amoxicillin T. Sadchikova / E. Belan / A. Klyausov / N. Davydova / A. Panina Pages 610-612
Condition Assesment of Thymus at Newborns with Extremely Low Body Mass L. Bachmutova / M. Shtepo / I. Uteshova Pages 608-609
Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes in Chronic Sarcoidosis O. Baranova / I. Kudryavtsev / N. Lazareva / M. Serebriakova / T. Ses’ / M. Ilkovich / A. Totolian Pages 605-608
Debut of Neurodegenerative Diseases in the Post-vaccination Period T. Bergelson / G. Pleshivtseva / S. Chubarova / A. Polushkin Pages 615-617
The Role of Innate Lymphoid Cells in the Pathogenesis of Immune Inflammation in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis A. Valeeva / O. Skorokhodkina Pages 618-620
Immunoreactivity of the Parotid Glands in Immunocompromised Children: Ultrasonographic and Morphological Parallels O. Vozgoment / A. Nadtochiy / E. Kostenko / E. Patlusova / A. Akatova / J. Ivashova / A. Vozgoment Pages 627-629
Analysis of Antiradical Activity in the Process of Polysaccharides Extraction from Pleurotus Ostreatus Mushrooms V. Vasileva / N. Leonova / E. Antontсeva / V. Konusova Pages 624-626
Adherence to IVIG Therapy in Patients with Primary Immunodefi Ciency: Common Variable Immunodefi Ciency (CVID) M. Vasilieva / I. Shestopalova Pages 620-623
Contents of Cytokines and Neurosteroid Hormones in Animals after Multiple Transplantation of Immune Cells with Specific Functional Characteristics O. Anikeeva / E. Markova Pages 602-605
Markers of Immune Regulation in Children with Contamination of Biomedia by Metals I. Alikina / K. Starkova Pages 600-602
The Two-stage Immunorehabilitation of Children from Risk Groups, Suffering from Often and Long-term Recurrent Infectious-inflammatory Respiratory Diseases I. Nesterova / D. Kharina Pages 565-571
Evaluation of Components of Extracellular Matrix in the Blood Serum in Patients with Alcoholic Fibrosis of the Liver N. Gazatova / K. Yurova / D. Gavrilov / K. Takunova / А. Bolotov / D. Skuratovskaia / L. Litvinova Pages 559-564
Immune Manifestations of Vitamin D Receptor Gene Polymorphism in Children with Allergic Diseases T. Sentsova / I. Vorozhko / O. Chernyak / V. Revyakina / A. Timopheeva / A. Donnikov / V. Mukhortnyh Pages 553-558
Research Articles
Morfological Changes in Endocrine Glands, their Interrelation with Cells of Innate Immunity at the Experimental Thyrotoxicosis V. Zdor / E. Markelova / V. Fadeev / Ya. Tikhonov Pages 545-552
Serological Diagnostics of Syphilis in HIV-positive Patients Using Immune-microarray with Expanded Panel of Treponema Pallidum Antigens A. Runina / G. Katunin / A. Kubanov / D. Deryabin Pages 572-578
In Search for the Genes Associated with Septic Shock Using Direct Genetic Approach I. Astrakhantseva / E. Vasilenko / A. Babaev / E. Gubernatorova / E. Gorshkova / M. Drutskaya / V. Krut / V. Tarabykin / S. Nedospasov Pages 579-585
Development of DNA Vaccine against HIV-1 E. Akulova / B. Murashev / S. Verevochkin / A. Masharsky / R. Al-Shekhadat / V. Poddubny / O. Zozulya / N. Vostokova / A. Kozlov Pages 597-600
Short Communication
Analysis of Antitumor and Immunotoxic Effects of the Complex of Carboplatin and Cucurbit[7]uril A. Aktanova / A. Ermakov / E. Pashkina Pages 595-597
Interleukin-6: the Link between Inflammation and Endurance? M. Nosenko / A. Yakovleva / K-S. Atretkhany / M. Drutskaya / S. Nedospasov Pages 586-592
Preoperative Screening of the Drug Hypersensitivity (DHS) Patients Zh. Vasneva / N. Filippova Pages 630-632
Investigation of Innate Immunity Factors in Keratinocytes in Patients with Acrochordons of Virus and Non Virus Genesis L. Gankovskaya / E. Merkusheva / I. Khamaganova / A. Filina / O. Svitich Pages 632-634
Polymorphic Options rs1837253 the Gene of Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin (TSLP) in Development of Bronchial Asthma E. Idiatulina / A. Borisova / D. Karimov / T. Kutlina / Ya. Valova / G. Mukhhamadieva / A. Bakirov / E. Galimova / G. Nurtdinova / O. Kucher Pages 674-676
Investigation of the Influence of the Synthetic Peptide of the Active Center of Granulocyte-macrophage Colony-stimulating Factor (GM-CSF) in the Combined Therapy of Infection Caused by Epstein-Barr Virus V. Zurochka / A. Zurochka / O. Zabkov / N. Zabokritskiy Pages 670-673
Spectrum of Immunobiological Activity and Potential of Practical Application of Synthetic Peptid the Active Centre of Granulocyte-macrophage Colony-stimulating Factor (GM-CSF) A. Zurochka / V. Zurochka / M. Dobrynina / V. Dukart / O. Zabkov / E. Zueva / L. Fomina / A. Faizullina / V. Gritsenko Pages 665-669
Integral Indicators of Immunity in the Detection of Secondary Immunodeficiences and Allergy S. Zatsarenko / E. Kuzmina Pages 662-664
Evaluation of the Risk of Professional Development Bronchial Asthma on the Basis of the Polymorphous Locus rs1837253 TSLP Gene D. Karimov / A. Borisova / E. Idiatulina / T. Kutlina / Ya. Valova / G. Mukhhamadieva / A. Bakirov / E. Galimova / G. Nurtdinova / O. Kucher Pages 677-679
The Dynamics of the Subpopulation Composition of Peripheral Blood Leukocytes as a Predictor of the Effectiveness of Allergen-specifi c Immunotherapy A. Klyausov / T. Sadchikova / E. Belan / S. Osipov Pages 680-682
Optimization of Production Technology of Recombinant Human Interleukin-36 Receptor Antagonist for Use as Therapy for Severe Psoriasis A. Kolobov / T. Antipova / E. Protasov / I. Gorbunova / A. Polotsky Pages 688-689
Interferon System in Human Papillomavirus Infection S. Knysh / T. Nevezhkina / N. Chepurnova / Y. Makhalina Pages 685-687
Alterations in Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 and Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinase-1 Serum Concentrations in Patients with Herpes Zoster S. Knysh / V. Malkov / E. Chagina / A. Potapenko Pages 683-685
TNF-alpha as a Marker of Prosthesis Components Instability in Total Hip Arthroplasty L. Dmitrieva / Yu. Pivovarov / V. Lebedev Pages 660-662
Development of Immunoadsorbent for C5а Anaphylatoxin Elimination from Blood Plasma of Patients with Complement Hyperactivation-associated Pathologies E. Denisenko / A. Zhakhov / N. Gorbunov / A. Trofimov / A. Ischenko Pages 657-659
Study of the Inhibitory Effect of Antibodies Against C3 Complement Component in a Rat Model of Traumatic Brain Injury N. Gorbunov / A. Ischenko / A. Zhakhov / A. Trofimov / E. Denisenko / G. Alexandrov / M. Zakharov Pages 641-643
Influence of Endogenous Interferon Inducer on Phagocytic Activity of Peripheral Blood Leukocytes A. Godovalov / D. Eliáš / M. Stepanov Pages 638-640
Evaluation of the Content of Fibrogenesis Factors in the Blood Serum in Patients with Alcoholic Fibrosis of Liver N. Gazatova / K. Yurova / D. Gavrilov / K. Takunova / А. Bolotov / D. Skuratovskaia / L. Litvinova Pages 635-637
The Role of Immune Interactions on HLA in the Maternal – Fetal System in Implementation of the Risk of Forming Sporadic Septal Congenital Heart Diseases without Chromosomal Diseases in the Following Generation S. Gorshkova / A. Shabaldin / L. Antonova / A. Korostelev / E. Shabaldina Pages 644-646
Features of the Course of Infectious Mononucleosis in Children at the Present Stage A. Grekova / S. Shevchenko Pages 647-648
Gut Microbiota and Blood Metabolome in Patients with Autoimmune Diseases of Gastrointestinal Tract E. Demyanova / S. Sitkin / T. Vakhitov / O. Shalaeva Pages 654-656
Indicators of Immune Regulation and Apoptosis Markers in Children under Exposition of Aluminum M. Guselnikov / N. Nikonoshyna Pages 651-653
Clinical and Epidemiological Features of Influenza in Hildren of the Smolensk Region in the Seasons 2015–2016, 2016–2017, 2017–2018 Years A. Grekova / V. Sokolovskaya / S. Shevchenko / M. Silkina Pages 649-651
Review Articles
Conceptualization of Human Skin Cells Subpopulations States S. Goltsov / A. Teslinov Pages 535-544

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