Issue 8

  • Volume: 88
  • Issue number: 8

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
General Meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences Members
The Diary of the General Meeting of the RAS Members Sophia V. Pirozhkova Pages 675-679
Greeting of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation A. V. Dvorkovich Vestnik RAS Pages 680-681
Greeting of the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation O. Yu. Vasilyeva Vestnik RAS Pages 681-682
Greeting of the Minister of Public Health of the Russian Federation V. I. Skvortsova Vestnik RAS Pages 682-683
Greeting of the First Deputy Chairman of the Council Committee for Science, Education and Culture of the RF Federal Assembly L. S. Gumerova Vestnik RAS Pages 683-685
Greeting of the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education and Science academician G. G. Onishchenko Vestnik RAS Pages 685-685
On the Condition of Fundamental Sciences in the Russian Federation and the Most Important Scientific Achievements in 2017 Alexander M. Sergeev Pages 686-698
Address of the Head of the Federal Agency of Russia’s Scientific Organizations M. M. Kotyukov Vestnik RAS Pages 699-700
On the Activities of the RAS Presidium in 2017 Nikolay K. Dolgushkin Pages 701-706
On the Priority Directions of Activity of the RAS Alexander M. Sergeev Pages 707-714
On the Results of the Election of Professors of RAS Vestnik RAS Pages 715-715
On the Agencies of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Russian Federation Vestnik RAS Pages 716-717
On the Work of the Far Eastern Branch of RAS in 2017 Valentine Sergienko Pages 718-722
On the Work of the Siberian Branch of RAS in 2017 Valentine Parmon Pages 723-727
On the Work of the Ural Branch of RAS in 2017 Valery Charushin Pages 728-731
Speeches by the General Meeting of RAS Participants Vestnik RAS Pages 732-752
Closing Speech by the RAS President Academician A. M. Sergeev Vestnik RAS Pages 751-752
On the Main Results of the RAS Activities in 2017 and Priority Directions of its further Work Vestnik RAS Pages 753-755
Science and Society
Mathematical Measurement of the Mega-Project “One Belt – O ne Road” Askar Akayev / Victor Sadovnichy Pages 759-770

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