Psychology of Professional Activity: Psychophysiological and Psycho-Pedagogical Directions of Research (On the 90-Th Anniversary of the Birth of V. A. Bodrov)

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Occupation: Professor, Scientific Adviser of Institute of Psychology RAS
Affiliation: Institute of Psychology RAS
Address: Moscow, Yaroslavskaya str., 13, building 1
Occupation: Chief Researcher
Affiliation: Institute of Psychology, Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Occupation: senior research fellow
Affiliation: Federal State-financed Establishment of Science, Institute of Psychology RAS
Address: Russian Federation
Journal namePsikhologicheskii zhurnal
EditionVolume 42 Issue 6

The article presents the key ideas and the main results of the psychophysiological and psycho-pedagogical studies in the psychology of professional activity – a direction of psychological research created and developed by V.A. Bodrov. Some key concepts has been analyzed – work performance, work and functional reliability, professiogenesis. The professiogenetic approach to the professional development have been described. The ability of work motivation development is discussed.

Keywordspsychology of professional activity, direction of research, work performance, professional and functional reliability, professiogenesis, professiogenetic approach
Publication date16.12.2021
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