ISSN: 2587-7011

The "Polylog / Polylogos" is a scientific-theoretical journal, published four times a year and focused on a professional audience. The task of the journal is to publish the results of research in the field of political science, philosophy of politics and philosophy of history.

Mikhail Loktionov

Chief Editor, PhD, Professor, Leading Research Fellow IPh RAS

Veronika Sharova

Deputy Editor, managing Editor, PhD in Political Science, Research Fellow IPh RAS


119049, Moscow, Maronovsky st., 26

Chief Editor Mikhail Loktionov polylog@jes.su 

Publishing Editor Veronika Sharova polylog@jes.su


State Academic University for the Humanities

119049, Moscow, Maronovsky st., 26

Website: https://polylog.jes.su/