Issue 4

  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Hydromechanical Solution to the Problem of Permeability of the Screen of the Broken Continuity Oleg Baev / Yu. Kosichenko Pages 3-11
Establishing Waves from a Pulsating Source in Ultimate Liquid Depth E. Pavelyeva / A. Savin Pages 12-22
Rayleigh Variation Problem of the Theory of Gas Lubrication. Small Numbers of Compressibility Yu. Boldyrev Pages 23-31
Turbulent Jet Features at High Ultrasonic Speeds S. Cheprasov Pages 32-38
On the Question of the Model of the Onset of Vortex Structures in an Isotropic Turbulent Flow C. Zybin / A. Kopyev Pages 39-56
Occurrence of the Liquid Rotation in the Thermogravitational Boundary Layer During Local Cooling of the Free Border V. Batishev / V. Getman Pages 57-67
Static Hysteresis of the Aerodynamic Characteristics of the Aircraft Model on the Landing Mode A. Voevodin / V. Sudakov Pages 68-74
Frontal Mode of Heat and Mass Transfer in a Gas Hydrate Reservoir at Negative Temperatures L. Lobkovsky / M. Ramazanov Pages 75-89
Distribution of Disturbances in the Boundary Layer under Conditions of Weak Hypersonic Interaction I. Lipatov / N. Tuen Pages 90-94
Application of Model Kinetic Equations for the Calculation of Supersonic and Hypersonic Molecular Gas Flows V. Titarev / A. Frolova Pages 95-112
Nuclear Power Plants with Circulating Fuel Based on Uranium Hexafluoride: Results of Studies of Hydrodynamics and Heat Transfer, Applications, Problems and Prospects (Review) I. Iosilevskiy / A. Reshmin / V. Lushik Pages 113-135
On the Problem of Optimal Control of a Turbulent Boundary Layer on a Permeable Surface in a Supersonic Gas Flow C. Garayev / I. Mukhametzyanov Pages 136-145

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