Iberian countries evaluated by Russian scholars

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Occupation: Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Department of World Economy
Affiliation: Moscow Institute of International Relations
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Journal nameLatin America
EditionIssue 9

The Centre of Iberian studies of the Institute of Latin America of the RussianAcademy of Sciences (ILA RAS) prepared and released a comprehensive collectivemonograph devoted to the analysis of domestic politics, the economy and foreign policyactivities of Spain and Portugal at the present stage. The preparation of this edition wasattended by leading Russian experts on the problems of the Iberian countries, such ascollaborators of ILA RAS, representatives of other academic institutions, university professorsand associate professors. Among the authors are four doctors of sciences and sixPhD: economists, historians, and political specialists. Such qualified group of scientistsassured the fulfillment of the work at the highest professional level and allowed to besubjected to scrutiny the most important issues of modern politics and economics of theIberian countries. Particularly valuable that the processes developing in the Iberian Peninsula,are considered by the authors in the context of the changes occurring in the internationalarena.

KeywordsSpain, Portugal, modern stage, economics, politics, global change
Publication date01.10.2018
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