Aleksey Beglov

Professor of History

Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of World History RAS


history of the Russian Orthodox Church in the 19th — 20th centuries

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The reform of the Church education in 1808 and Enslavement of the Orthodox parish in the Russian Empire (Rossiiskaia istoriia) -
Parish Experiences. Social Activity of Parish Priests, Parish Charity and the Question of the Revival of the Orthodox Parish in Russia in the Second Half of the 19th Century (ISTORIYA) -
The Fate of the Catholic Church of St. Louis of the French in Soviet Moscow: the Perspective of an American Assumptionist (ISTORIYA) -
Church Diplomacy in the Conditions of the Cold War: Directions of International Activity of the Russian Orthodox Church during the Period of Detente International Tension in the 1970s (ISTORIYA) -
Religious Life in the USSR and the Allied Policy of 1943: the Perspective of an American Assumptionist (Novaia i noveishaia istoriia) -
Special Services and Religious Organizations in the Soviet State: Collaboration Mechanisms, Survival Strategies, Sources (ISTORIYA) -
American Representatives to the USSR and the Fate of Soviet Religious Policy at the Beginning of the Great Patriotic War. From Father Leopold Braun's Correspondence of 1941 (Novaia i noveishaia istoriia) -
Unknown Episode of Soviet-Greek Contacts in 1945: Meeting of Patriarch Alexy (Simansky) of Moscow and All Russia with Greek Politicians in Egypt (ISTORIYA) -
Italy, Vatican, Russia. Scientific Path of Evgenia Sergeevna Tokareva. To the 70th Anniversary of Her Birth (ISTORIYA) -
Bibliography of Scientific Works by Evgeniya S. Tokareva: 1982—2023 (ISTORIYA) -