Andrey Larin

Ph.D. in History

Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of World History RAS


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Review of International Conferences of April — May 2019 held by the Institute of World History RAS (ISTORIYA) -
“Our Border With Persia Along the Atrek River… in Fact Remains Airy”: Russian-Iranian Borderland Issues to the East of the Caspian Sea in the late 19th – early 20th Centuries (ISTORIYA) -
“Russia Will not Tolerate Anyone’s Interference in Its Relations with Persia”: Russian Policy in Iran on the Eve and during the Initial Period of the First World War (ISTORIYA) -
“I’ve Never Been an Anglophobe…”: the Views of Russian Diplomats, Military, Statesmen on the British Policy in Iran (late 19th — early 20th) (ISTORIYA) -
“Complete Calm Reigns Now in the City of Mashhad”: Russia and the Mashhad Incident of 1912 (ISTORIYA) -
Ivan Korostovets at the Service in Iran: the Country and People in the Perception of the Russian Diplomat (ISTORIYA) -
Review of International Conferences of October — December 2020 Held by the Institute of World History RAS (ISTORIYA) -
Before the Storm: Russia and Britain in Iran in 1913 (ISTORIYA) -
“Russian Mission in Persia”: Content and Interpretation of the Concept in the Late 19th and Early 20th Century (ISTORIYA) -
“The New Orangeland”: Justification of the Penetration into Mazandaran and Astarabad in the Publications of the Russian Resettlement Department’s Officials (ISTORIYA) -
“Russian Name” and “Russian Prestige” as Categories of Perception and Comprehension of Russian Policy in Iran in the 19th — Early 20th Centuries (ISTORIYA) -
“In the Interests of Our Subjects and Our Dignity”: Maintaining the Status of a “Russian Name” in Persia in the Interpretations of Russian Contemporaries (1830s — 1910s) (ISTORIYA) -
“Russian Prestige” vs “Charm of the British”: Categories of Perception of Russian-British Rivalry in Qajar Iran (ISTORIYA) -
Between the Gap and Continuity: Comparison of the Iranian Policy of the Russian Empire and the RSFSR/USSR in the Works of Early Soviet Publicists (ISTORIYA) -
“The Life of the Russian Settlers Here Turned Out to Be, However, a Difficult Ordeal for Them”: the First Attempts to Provide Medical Care to Russian Settlers in the Astrabad Province (ISTORIYA) -
“The Persians Themselves Will Not Do Anything to Raise the Region”: Consul K. V. Ivanov on The Problems and Prospects of Russian Resettlement and Land Ownership in the Caspian Provinces of Iran (Early 20th Century) (ISTORIYA) -
The “Note” of the Consul in Basra K.V. Ivanov: Problem Statement of the Study of the East in the Russian Foreign Ministry of the Early XX Century (Novaia i noveishaia istoriia) -
The Policy of Colonization as a Defense Policy: Russian Resettlement to the Astarabad Province of Iran in the Era of the Great War (ISTORIYA) -
“The Very Personality of Mr. Potapov Does not Inspire Us with Any Confidence”: Russian Land Ownership in Northern Iran and the Concession Projects of the Adventurer General (ISTORIYA) -