Nataliya V. Letova

Doctor of Law

Leading researcher of the Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences


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Civil protection of the moral rights of the child (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Adoption of a child as a way to protect his rights and legitimate interests (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Review of the Second International scientific and practical conference "Abova Readings" (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Protection of the rights and interests of the child in the event of his removal (removal) from the family (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Review of the “Round Table” on the topic “Actual problems of legal regulation of relations in the field of sports” (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Review of the International scientific conference "Civilist jubilees" to the century of N.S. Malein "Legal responsibility and justice in the digital environment" (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Trends in the development of spouses’ bankruptcy legislation: problems and prospects (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Maternal capital as a type of social support for families with children: problems of law enforcement and solutions (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Protection of property rights of children in case of acquisition of residential premises at the expense of maternity capital (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Judicial and non-judicial protection of civil, family and labor rights in the conditions of globalization and digitalization of the state and society (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Family violence as a negative social phenomenon of modern society (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Motherhood and childhood as a basis for family policy: modernity and historical heritage (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Agreements and contracts in the field of family relations: correlation and features of legal regulation (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Features of legal personality of children (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -