Criminalization and international relations

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Occupation: Head of the Department of Criminal Law of the North Caucasus Branch
Affiliation: Russian state University of Justice
Address: Krasnodar, Russian Federation
Journal nameGosudarstvo i pravo
EditionIssue 11

The article discusses the relationship between the process of criminalization of socially dangerous acts and international legal relations. The bilateral nature of such a relationship is emphasized: the influence of international law norms on the transformation of criminal law and the impact of criminal law on international and foreign policy relations. The insufficiency of political and doctrinal constructions to resolve the issue of the relationship between international and domestic law is noted. The article reveals the content of a two-level legal mechanism developed and tested by the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation to achieve a balance of International and domestic Criminal Law, including testing international regulations for compliance with the constitutional foundations of statehood and constitutional identity of the country and criminal law principles. The advantages and risks of its functioning are determined.

Keywordscriminalization, criminal policy, principles of Criminal Law, correlation of International and national Law
Publication date29.11.2022
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