Improvement of the State’s activities is a necessary condition for ensuring human rights

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Affiliation: Russian Academy of Sciences
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Journal nameGosudarstvo i pravo
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An indicator of the effectiveness of economic reform is the degree of protection of human rights and freedoms, ensuring everyone a decent life. Transformations aimed at minimizing the role of the state and replacing state influence on the economy with self-regulating market mechanisms do not contribute to the formation of a legal, social and democratic state proclaimed in the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Such a task can be accomplished only by a strong and socially-oriented state that can maintain a balance between a free economy and fair distribution processes.

KeywordsRule of Law, social state, supremacy of human rights and freedoms, economic reforms
AcknowledgmentThe article was published in the journal “State and Law” (2005), No. 5. pp. 61 - 65. Abstract and key words were compiled by PhD in Law, associate Professor N.V. Kolotova.
Publication date23.03.2022
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