Economy and criminalization: mutual responsibility and interaction

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Occupation: Head of the Department of Criminal Law of the North Caucasus Branch
Affiliation: Russian state University of Justice
Address: Krasnodar, Russian Federation
Journal nameGosudarstvo i pravo
EditionIssue 2

The article presents an analysis of the impact of the economy and criminalization is presented. The main directions of the influence of property relations and economic relations on the formation, dynamics of criminal law prohibitions and differentiation of criminal liability are shown. The mechanism of such an effect is disclosed. The features of the reverse effect of legislation on economic relations and the peculiarities of its consideration in the criminalization of offenses in the field of economy are determined. The limited possibilities of such an effect are proved. The necessity of attracting the methodological capabilities of the economic analysis of the right to the content of criminalization processes is argued

Keywordscriminal policy, criminalization, Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, social conditionality of the criminal legislation, property, economic relations, criminal law impact on the economy
Publication date17.02.2021
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