Legal life of modern society: negative and positive (Review of materials of the All-Russian scientific conference of journals “State and Law”, “Legal policy and legal life”, of scientific and educational yearbook “State-legal researches”)

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Legal science, solving problems of searching, establishing and justifying laws in the field of law, cannot but pay attention to the polar aspects of the legal life of society, to the negative and positive that arise as a result of the convergence of law and social life. In some cases, the legal form of social life is positive, since the law fully and harmoniously regulates the relevant social relations, contributing to the trends of cooperation and mutual assistance between individuals and social groups. In other - a negative can be observed, since law turns out to be an ineffective and inefficacious regulator and, instead of establishing relations in society, leads to additional costs and social contradictions, causing new social conflicts and legal disputes. What causes this negativity and what opens up scope to the positive in the legal life of society? What are the social factors of this ambivalence in law, what are the consequences of their actions for the social and legal life? These are the issues the participants of a scientific conference that brought together representatives of different Russian regions (Moscow, Republic of Crimea, Saratov Region, Republic of Mordovia, etc.) tried to investigate.

Keywordslegal life, society, negative trends, positive trends, social conflict, social cooperation, legal regulation, methodology of law, legal culture, culture of lawmaking, legal idealism, legal advantages, virtual legal life, Internet, administrative responsibility, morality, justice, legal science
AcknowledgmentThe research was carried out with the financial support of the RFBR in the framework of scientific project No. 19-011-00726
Publication date15.09.2020
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