Consequences of convergence of the private sector and public law in the field of protection of subjective rights

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Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences
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The Current state of protection of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens in the private legal sphere is characterized by a wide use of public legal methods of protection. Such phenomenon of interpenetration of private and public norms in legal science is designated as convergence of private and public law. Improving the effectiveness of the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens is impossible without a balanced combination of private and public legal means of protection. The development of the theory of convergence of private and public law at the present stage is most fully manifested in the sphere of protection of subjective rights. It is within the framework of this theory that an optimal balance can be found between private law and public law methods of protecting the violated rights of citizens.

Keywordsconvergence of private and public law; socialization of private law; consumer rights protection; out-of-court methods of protection; mediation
Publication date11.06.2020
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