Issue 1

  • Volume: 483
  • Issue number: 1

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Distribution and Analytical Measure on Infinite Dimensional Spaces A. Belyaev / O. Smolyanov Pages 7-10
On Convex Closed in the Measure Topology Sets of Measurable Operatorse A. Bikchentaev Pages 11-14
A New Discrete Anologue of Pontryagin’s Maximum Principle M. Mardanov / T. Melikov Pages 15-17
The Spectrum and the Trace Formula for Bounded Perturbations of Differential Operators V. Sadovnichy / Z. Fazullin / I. Nugaeva Pages 18-20
Control theory
Class of Trajectories in R3 the Most Distant from Observers V. Berdyshev Pages 21-23
Influence of the Earth’s Magnetic Field on the Structure of the Electrovortex Flown D. Vinogradov / Yu. Ivochkin / I. Teplyakov Pages 24-27
Stability of Random Processes with 1/fa Spectrum V. Koverda / V. Skokov Pages 28-31
On the Propagation of Disturbances on the Yawed Plate in the Regime of Strong Integration G. Dudin / V. Neyland Pages 33-36
Two-Dimensional Equations of the Second Order Accuracy for a Multi-Layered Plate with Orthotropic Layers N. Morozov / A. Belyaev / T. Tovstik / P. Tovstik Pages 37-42
Bimetallic Au–Pt Nanocomposites in CO Oxidation Reaction: New Synthetic Approach and Evolution during the Catalysis A. Budnikov / Alexandr Naumkin / Ernest Said-Galiyev / Alexandr Vasil'kov / V. Tretyakov Pages 41-45
Bromate Reaction on the Rotating Electric Electrode: a New Method of Obtaining Approximate Analytical Solutions for Stationary Regime M. Vorotyntsev / Sergey Aldoshin / E. Antipov / A. Antipov / E. Borisevich / R. Pichugov / M. Petrov Pages 46-50
Synthesis of Tritiated Glutamic Acid and Pyroglutamate V. Shevchenko / L. Andreeva / I. Nagaev / K. Shevchenko / F. Myasoedov Pages 51-52
Chemical technology
New Method of Synthesis of Nano-Dimensional Bemit Powders (AlOOH) with Low Content of Impurities G. Panasyuk / E. Semenov / Irina Kozerozhets / B. Belan / M. Danchevskaya / G. Nikiforova / I. Voroshilov / S. Pershikov / L. Azarova Pages 53-56
Composite Materials in the Zirconia-Tricalcium Phosphate System for Bone Implants V. Smirnov / M. Goldberg / A. Krylov / S. Smirnov / O. Antonova / Ju. Tyutkova / L. Podzorova / S. Barinov / A. Konovalov Pages 57-61
Age and Boundaries of the Olyokma Magmatic Belt of the Selenga-Stanjvjy Terrane of the Central Asian Mobile Belt V. Kovach / A. Kotov / A. Larin / Ekaterina Salnikova / E. Sal’nikova / Yu. Plotkina / S. Yakovleva Pages 62-67
Hydrodynamic Regime of Underground Waters of Coal and Oil-Shale Mining Leases A. Mokhov Pages 68-71
First Results of Study of Detrital Zirkons from Late Precambrian Coarse Sequences of the Ulutau Massiv (Central Kazakhstan) N. Kanygina / E. Letnikova / K. Degtyarev / A. Tretyakov / F. Zhimulev / A. Proshenkin Pages 72-75
New Data on Tectonics of the Franz Joseph Land (Archipelago and Shelf, the Northern Segment of the Barents Sea Continental Margin) E. Shipilov / S. Shkarubo / Gennady Matishov / M. Mityaev / O. Kozlova Pages 76-81
Experimental Modeling of C0-Forming Processes Involving Cohenite CO2-Fluid in the Silicate Mantle Yu. Bataleva / Yu. Palyanov / Yu. Borzdov / O. Bayukov / N. Sobolev Pages 82-86
Pseudomorphous Rhythmic-Banded and Oscillatory Aggregates of Tetrahedrite-Tennantite at the Gold Deposit Darasun (Eastern Transbaikalia, Russia): a Result of the Coupled Dissolution-Reprecipitation Replacement Reactions N. Lyubimtseva / N. Bortnikov / S. Borisovskiy / S. Vikent’eva / V. Prokofiev Pages 87-91
Biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology
Action of New Derivatives of 2-Aminotheophene-3-Carbonic Acid on Calcium-Activated Chloride Currents in Rat Neurons V. Grigoriev / V. Zamoyski / A. Aksinenko / V. Sokolov / S. Bachurin Pages 92-95
Genetic Organization of Open Chromatin Domains Situated in Polytene Chromosome Interbands in Drosophila T. Zhukova / Olga Popova / Varvara Khoroshko / Victor Levitsky / Sergey Lavrov / Igor Zhimulev Pages 96-100
New Method for Quantitive Determination of Steroid Metabolites of Cytochrome P450-Dependent Reactions Using Fluorescent Spectroscopy A. Kuzikov / Rami Masamrekh / V. Shumyantseva / A. Archakov Pages 101-104
Differentiation of Monocytic Cellsis Accompanied by a Change in the Expression of the Set of Oct-1 Isoforms A. Stepchenko / B. Lyanova / I. Krylova / Yu. Ilyin / S. Georgieva / E. Pankratova Pages 105-107
Sympathetic Innervation of Stomach in Postnatal Development A. Emanuilov / P. Masliukov / A. Nozdrachev Pages 108-110
General biology
Research of Whalebone from Miocene Kovran Locality (Kamchatka Region, Russia) K. Tarasenko / А. Pakhnevich / Ekaterina S. Kovalenko / Mikhail M. Murashev / Konstantin M. Podurets / A. Lopatin Pages 111-113

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