Issue 6

  • Volume: 481
  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
On Stable Concyclic Configurations G. Giorgadze / G. Khimshiashvili Pages 587-593
On Two-Dimensional Polynomially Integrable Billiards on Surface of Constant A. Glutsyuk Pages 594-598
The Convergence of Expansions in Eigenfunctions of a Differential Operator with Integral Boundary Conditions Igor Lomov Pages 599-604
On the Proximity of Solutions of Unperturbed and Hyperbolized Heat Equations for Discontinuous Initial Data E. Myshetskaya / V. Tishkin / T. Moiseev Pages 605-609
Modeling of the Occurrence of Galactic Wind from Supernovae Using High-performance Computations A. Saveliev / Boris Chetverushkin / A. Nikolaeva Pages 610-614
High-Temperature Studies of the Manganite of Itterbium YbMnO3 O. Fedorova / L. Vedmid’ / V. Balakirev Pages 615-618
Elastic Stability of Bernoulli-Euler Beam in Coupled Electrical and Thermal Fields A. Lukin / N. Morozov / D. Indeitsev / I. Popov / O. Privalova / L. Shtukin Pages 619-624
Possibility of Supercompression of a Cavitation Bubble in Tetradecane R. Nigmatulin / A. Aganin / D. Toporkov Pages 625-629
Stabilization on the Nanostructured Zeolite Particles: Influence of Sodium Polyacrylate on the Kinetics and the Limit of Disaggregation L. Bikkinina / I. Yapparov / V. Ezhkov / A. Yapparov / A. Ezhkova / V. Katnov / P. Grishin / G. Ezhkova Pages 630-633
Physical chemistry
Physico-Chemical Processes Accompanying the Plastic Strain Localization under Impulsive Loading S. Buravova / E. Petrov / G. Saikova / M. Alymov Pages 634-637
Thermocycle and Evolutionary Combinatory in the Processes of the Generation and Evolution of Proto-biopolymers. Basic Kinetic Principles V. Bykov / S. Varfolomeev / S. Tsybenova / V. Goldberg Pages 638-642
Moissanites of the Popigai Astrobleme S. Gromilov / V. Afanasiev / N. Pokhilenko Pages 643-645
The Age of Nb-rare-metal Mineralization of Ilmeny-Vishnevogorsky Alkaline Complex (Southern Urals) B. Belyatsky / E. Lepekhina / A. Antonov / I. Nedosekova / N. Rodionov / O. Petrov / S. Shevchenko / S. Sergeev Pages 646-652
Equations of State for of NaCl and CaCl2 of Arbitrary Concentration at Temperatures 423.15 K – 623.15 K and Pressures up to 5 kbar M. Ivanov / S. Bushmin / L. Aranovich Pages 653-657
Authigenic Gold in Stale Tailings of Gold-sulphide-quartz Ore Cyanide Leaching (Komsomolski GRP, Kemerovo Region) M. Kirillov / S. Bortnikova / O. Gaskova / E. Shevko Pages 658-661
Some Structural and Mineralogical Features of Quenching of Liquids Obtained by Melting of Mantle Basic Xenoliths and Igneous Basic Rocks Using Electron Beam V. Sharapov / P. Logachev / Yu. Semenov / A. Boguslavskii / N. Podgornykh Pages 662-665
Lagrangian Analysis of Transport Pathways of Subtropical Water to the Primorye Coast S. Prants / M. Uleysky / M. Budyansky Pages 666-670
The Thermal Model of Continental Lithosphere Thickness Changes over Time A. Trubitsyn / V. Trubitsyn Pages 671-674
Transit of Catastrophic Water-Stone Debris Flow on the River Kyngarga (Republic Buryatia) on June 27-29, 2014 According to Seismological Data Vladimir Chechelnitsky / Stanislav Makarov / Аnna Dobrynina Pages 675-679
Glacier Revival and Advances in the Period of Global Warming T. Khromova / V. Kotlyakov / A. Muraviev / S. Nikitin / G. Nosenko / O. Rototaeva / L. Chernova Pages 680-685
Contour Flow and Countourites of the Middle Caspian A. Ambrosimov / L. Lobkovsky / A. Rosljakov Pages 686-690
Biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology
Dipeptide Mimetic of the BDNF GSB-106 with Antidepressant-Like Activity Stimulates Synaptogenesis T. Gudasheva / P. Povarnina / T. Antipova / S. Seredenin Pages 691-693
Physicochemical Properties and Anti-Opisthorchosis Effect of Mechanochemically Synthesized Solid Compositions of Praziquantel with Glycyrrhizic Acis Disodium Salt E. Meteleva / Yu. Chistyachenko / L. Suntsova / M. Tsyganov / G. Vishnevetskaya / D. Avgustinovich / M. Khvostov / N. Polyakov / T. Tolstikova / V. Mordvinov / A. Dushkin / N. Lyakhov Pages 694-697
General biology
Comparative Analysis of Amino Acid Spectrum in Plasma at Blood of Chiroptera (Vespertilio Murinus L., 1758 and Myotis Dasycneme B., 1825) in the Fauna of the Ural Mountains L. Kovalchuk / L. Chernaya / V. Bolshakov / V. Mishchenko Pages 698-700
The Finding of Red Squirrel (Sciurus Vulgaris Linnaeus, 1758, Rodentia, Sciuridae) and Forest Dormice (Dryomys nitedula Linnaeus,1778, Rodentia, Gliridae) in the Pleistocene of the Southern Urals P. Kosintsev / N. Smirnov / N. Plasteeva / V. Gasilin / A. Yakovlev / D. Gimranov / T. Fadeeva Pages 701-704

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