Issue 2

  • Volume: 483
  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Existence and Behaviour of Global Solutions of a Mixed Problem with Transmission Acoustic Conditions for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Equations with Nonlinear Dissipation A. Aliev / S. Isaeva Pages 123-126
Estimates for Solutions to Fokker-Plank-Kolmogorov Equations V. Bogachev / S. Shaposhnikov / A. Shaposhnikov Pages 127-131
The Problem of Dualization over the Product of Chains: Asymptotic Estimates of the Number of Solutions E. Djukova / E. Maslyakov / P. Prokofjev Pages 132-135
On the Weak Solvability of One Fractional Viscoelastic Model V. Zvyagin / V. Orlov Pages 136-139
Hamiltonian Approach to the Second Quantization V. Kozlov / O. Smolyanov Pages 140-144
Anisotropic Properties of Blood in a Vessel with Stenosis A. Akhmetov / S. Sametov / A. Rakhimov / A. Valiev Pages 145-149
Acoustic of a Liquid with Bubbles, Covered with a Viscoelastic Shell D. Gubaidullin / Yu. Fedorov Pages 150-153
About Influence Nonnewtonian Properties to Magma Dynamics in the Volcanic Conduit Y. Tavetkova / O. Melnik Pages 154-157
Methods of Creating Bridged and Terminal exo-Polyhedral Sulfonium-Type Substituents in Derivatives of the closo-Decarborate Anion A. Kubasov / N. Kuznetsov / K. Zhizhin / A. Kopytin / A. Bykov / I. Polyakova / E. Turyshev / E. Matveev Pages 158-160
Synthesis of Deuterium or Tritium Labelled Glycin and Its Methyl Ester V. Shevchenko / N. Myasoedov / I. Nagaev / L. Andreeva Pages 161-163
Chemical technology
Composite Cement Materials Based Sulfate and Calcium Phosphate for Medicine V. Smirnov / S. Barinov / M. Goldberg / O. Antonova / D. Khairutdinova Pages 164-167
Physical chemistry
Optical Stereoisomerism of Octahedral Titanium cis-Tetrafluoro Complex with Enantiomers of Ph2P(O)CH2CH(OH)Me According NMR 19F Data E. Il’in / E. Nifant’ev / E. Goryunov / V. Danilov / A. Parshakov Pages 168-171
The Phase Composition of Powder Hard Magnetic Fe-30Cr-(8-24)Co Allows Sintered under Different Temperature Conditions A. Ustyukhin / M. Alymov / A. Ashmarin / I. Milyaev / V. Zlenskii / A. Ankudinov Pages 172-176
Paleomagnetic Pole for the Siberian Paleocontinent at Thelate Ediacaran Evolution Stage of the Active Continental Margin (South Yenisei Ridge) P. Kadilnikov / N. Matushkin / V. Vernikovsky / A. Vernikovskaya / N. Mikhailov Pages 177-181
Modern and Paleotravertines from Gorny Altai: Indicative Features S. Kokh / G. Rusanov / Yu. Ryapolova / E. Deev / E. Sokol Pages 182-187
Chemical Composition and Osmium Isotope Systematics of Ru-Os Sulphidev from the Verkh-Neivinsk Dunite (Middle Urals, Russia) K. Malich / V. Murzin / E. Belousova / I. Badanina Pages 188-191
Palladium (II) Biosorption by Penicillium canescens Cellular Wall L. Pavlova / A. Sorokin / N. Borodina / L. Shumilova / V. Radomskaya / E. Nekrasova Pages 192-194
Late Permian Intraplate Magmatism of the Baikal-Muya Belt: U-Pb Geochronological and Nd-Isotope Data E. Rytsk / A. Fedoseenko / I. Anisimova / V. Kovach / A. Andreev / E. Bogomolov / S. Velikoslavinskii / E. Salnikova Pages 195-199
Features of the Formation of Hydrogen-Containing Defectin Olivine in the Presence of a Water-Hydrocarbon Fluid at 6.3 GPa and 1200oC A. Sokol / N. Sobolev / Yu. Palyanov / T. Bulbak / A. Tomilenko / I. Kupriyanov Pages 200-203
Parametric Phenomena in Seismoelectrics A. Kamshilin / A. Nikolaev / I. Chebotareva Pages 204-207
Relief and Correlative Deposits of Late Pleistocene and Holocene in the Glacial Valley of Kilganski Mountains (Okhotsk-Kolyma Region) O. Glushkova / V. Smirnov Pages 208-213
Indicators of Pollution of Surface Waters of Lake Baikal Watershed by Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons M. Semenov / Yu. Semenov / A. Silaev / I. Marinaite / V. Snytko Pages 214-217
Biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology
Kinetic Instability of Zero Steady State as a Fundamental Couse of Low Efficiency of Chemiotherapy of Cancer S. Varfolomeev / A. Lukovenkov Pages 218-221
Polyarginine Peptides as a New Class of Ligands of Nicotinic Acetylchloline Receptors E. Kryukova / V. Tsetlin / I. Kasheverov / N. Egorova / D. Senko / E. Spirova / D. Lebedev / I. Ivanov Pages 222-224
Genetic Differentiation of the Steppe Field Mouse Sylvaemus witherbyl Populations: Results of the Mitochondrial Control Region Analysis V. Stakheev / A. Bogdanov / V. Malikov / E. Fomina / J. Darvish Pages 225-229
General biology
The Oldest Asian Duck (Anseriformas: Romanivilla) and the Origin of Anatidae N. Zelenkov Pages 230-232

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