China and India In africa in post-COVID-19 era

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Journal nameAsia and Africa Today
EditionIssue 10

The article examines the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Africa and the involvement of China and India in the fight against COVID-19 and its negative consequences for Africans health and the African economy.

The authors analyze various aspects of China’s and India’s interaction with African countries and estimate pros and cons of Chinese - African and Indian - African cooperation and their results for African countries. Cooperation with the two growing Asian countries - China and India - played an important role in economic growth of Africa in 2000s. The COVID-19 pandemic has damaged not only the health of the African population, but also the African economy.

The deterioration of the economic situation in African countries has resulted in a sharp increase in impoverishment for the population. In 2020 Africa has lost its modest achievements in reducing extreme poverty which it could succeed before. In context of the current pneumonia crisis on the continent international assistance is becoming increasingly relevant for Africa. The most important element of this assistance is the time-tested cooperation with China and India. However, despite the real achievements of China and India and the promises made by the leaders of both countries, the coronavirus pandemic has clearly identified problems in the relations of African countries, both with China and with India.

 These problems are the result of objective and subjective factors, as well as the legacy of accumulated problems over the years, which the pandemic has further exacerbated. Africans welcome economic cooperation with Asian powers. However, India's increasing willingness to engage with Western countries on an anti-Chinese basis increases the risks of using it in Africa, to confront Beijing.

KeywordsAfrica, China, India, COVID-19, vaccination. cooperation, trade, aid, development
Publication date01.11.2021
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