The Arab world against corruption

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The article is devoted to the study of an actual topic that is currently acquiring special significance for the Arab East. The region is not homogeneous, and each of its constituent countries follows its own circumstances, which are colored by national specifics, but at the same time it also faces general problems. One of them is corruption, which is deeply rooted in the life of the Arab societies and manifests itself in different forms and ways, but causes equal damage to the economic health of the nation and the political image of the government.

The objects of study are also issues related to the organization of counteraction to corruption operations by the world community and the Arab states, quantitative and qualitative indicators have also been assessed that make it possible to judge of the effectiveness of the measures taken. The situation relating to the state of legislative support for anti-corruption activities was investigated and the tools that the Arab countries propose to use against corruption practices were considered. Also, the possibilities and limits of public participation in the processes associated with minimizing the volume of corruption "services" and limiting the scope of their circulation were identified.

The study of the set of issues and problems of illegal economic activity in the Arab world leads to understanding of the fact that narrowing the field of corruption is a serious deal, at least at organizational and technical level, and has prospects only when being switched to digital technologies for monitoring the turnover of financial resources.

KeywordsArab East, corruption, public sector, business, state, society, сonvention, institutes
Publication date28.05.2021
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