Novel from Oman - the winner of the man booker international prize-2019

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The  article  is  dedicated  to  the  most  prominent  Arabic-language  work  of  2019  -  the  novel  of  the  writer  from  the Sultanate  of  Oman,  Jokha  al-Harthi,  who  received  world  recognition  along  with  the  Booker  Prize  for  translated  literature  into English.

Based on the interview of the writer, the history of the creation of the novel «Celestial Bodies» is examined, and with the help of literary criticism its innovative techniques and cultural significance are revealed, which, according to the authors, bring modern Arabic  literature,  and  especially  the  female  prose  of  the  Gulf,  to  a  qualitatively  new  level.  Particularly  distinguished  are  such techniques as microsets, polyphony, the stream of consciousness. It is emphasized that the work became a kind of encyclopedia of the region due to the fact that it reflected the latest history of the Sultanate and absorbed a large number of dialect words, sayings, signs and traditions.

The authors also draw attention to the fact that al-Harthi managed to catch the pulse of time and reflect the psychological problems of Oman’s modern society, especially its middle generation, which, on the one hand, does not adhere to the firm foundations of the fathers, and on the other, is shocked by the rapid socio-economic development that spawned spoiled youth. In conclusion, it is noted that over the past half century, Oman has made a leap not only in socio-economic, material development, but also, only recently, it would seem, by eliminating illiteracy, has been able to reveal a generation of talented writers, among whom there are many women whose work is worthy of attention.

KeywordsInternational Booker, Arabic Literature, Oman, Jokha Al-Harti, «Celestial Bodies»
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