E. Macron's tour in the countries of the African Horn

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This article provides a global overview of the incentive motives, course and results of the spring 2019 tour of the President of the French Republic E.Macron to the Horn of Africa. The analysis was focused on the differences in the interstate relations of the Fifth Republic with Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya as well as the specifics of the relationship of the French president with the leaders of these countries. The latent conflict between E.Macron and the president of Djibouti I.O.Gelle was identified. The Djiboutian side was concerned with minimization of French investments in the country’s economy. The French president expressed his dissatisfaction by the economic expansion of China in Djibouti, as well as by establishing of a Chinese naval base in this strategically important region. E.Macron’s visit to Ethiopia and his meeting with Prime Minister A.Ahmed were more successful. Journalists called the new defense agreement between France and Ethiopia a symbol of confidence between the presidents. The document provides for assistance of France in establishing of the Ethiopian Navy, as well as cooperation in the field of military aviation, joint military operations and exercises. This document provides for a large-scale purchase of French weapons by the Ethiopian side. The visit of the French president to Kenya was also effective. Economic agreements for developing of public and private partnerships between countries worth more than 3 billion dollars were signed at negotiations with President U.Kenyatta. The conclusion is that expansion of the political and economic influence of France in the English-speaking African countries will become a hallmark of the African policy of E.Macron. This can make it less aggressive and more productive than the policies of its predecessors.

KeywordsFrance, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, E.Macron
Publication date05.03.2020
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