Digitalisation Peculiarities of Israel and Business. Part II

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The study of digitalization in the business environment has two fundamental aspects: an analysis of the digitalization level of this environment as such and an analysis of the domestic supply of new technologies developed by local companies that promote the digital transformation of the economy. The specificity of the Israeli digitalization experience is such that if there is no problem with the latter in the country, there are obvious problems with the former.

The peculiarity of the Israeli business sector digital transformation is that with the presence of a large number of relevant technologies in the country, the domestic market in many respects clearly does not match Israel’s claims to world leadership in the innovation economy as a whole and in the digital economy as part of it.

A reflection of this duality is, in particular, the insufficiently high position of the country in the relevant international ratings. We note, however, that Israel is actively cooperating with the outside world in the field of digitalization, adapting successful experience in this area of ??other countries, which seems to allow the country to gradually solve its existing problems in this area.

Israeli small innovative companies are active in various sectors of the digital economy and achieve noticeable results. One of the most successful and significant areas is digital health. Its importance is determined not only by quantitative indicators of attracting funds and making profit, but also by the possibilities to have a significant positive impact on the quality of people’s life.

KeywordsIsrael, business digitalization, digital transformation, small innovative companies, digital health care
Publication date31.10.2019
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