Issue 10

  • Issue number: 10
  • Issue theme: Management of Large-Scale System Development: Modern Trends and Challenges.

The thematic issue is devoted to modern problems of management of development of large-scale systems. The issue includes articles by authors who made plenary and sectional reports at the International conference "Management of large-scale systems development", held at the Institute of management problems. V. A. Trapeznikov Academy of Sciences.

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Management of Large-Scale System Development: Modern Trends and Challenges S. Vassilyev Pages 3-5
Control Problems for the Development of Large-Scale Systems
A Suite of Intelligent Tools for Early Detection and Prevention of Blackouts in Power Interconnections N. Voropai / A. Osak / D. Efimov / А. Zhukov / D. Panasetsky / V. Kurbatsky / D. Sidorov / N. Tomin Pages 6-25
Justification of Effectiveness of International Power Interconnections with Separation of Effects between Participants S. Podkoval’nikov / O. Hamisov / V. Savel'ev / L. Chudinova Pages 26-38
Comparison of Sub-Gramian Analysis with Eigenvalue Analysis for Stability Estimation of Large Dynamical System I. Yadykin / A. Iskakov Pages 39-54
Development Control: Structural Analysis, Problems, Stability A. Tsvirkun / V. Baranov Pages 55-75
Model of the Financial Coalition in Dynamics F. Ereshko Pages 76-94
Information Technologies for Development Management Systems V. Burkov / I. Burkova / L. Rossikhina / T. Meshcheryakova Pages 95-105
Problems of Optimization and Simulation at Control of Development of Large-Scale Systems
Innovation Efficiency Range Estimates by Balance Models Yu. Ivanov / V. Tokarev Pages 106-120
Design of Organizational Structures in Large-Scale Projects of Digital Economy F. Ereshko / N. Turko / A. Tsvirkun / A. Chursin Pages 121-142
Recurrent Algorithms of Structural Classification Analysis for Complex Organized Information A. Dorofeyuk / E. Bauman / Yu. Dorofeyuk / A. Chernyavskii Pages 143-153
Models and Algorithms of Automata Theory for the Control of an Aircraft Group A. Rezchikov / V. Kushnikov / V. Ivaschenko / A. Bogomolov / L. Filimonyuk Pages 154-163
Data Modeling for the Analysis of Health Risks and Human Longevity A. Mikhalskii / V. Zurko Pages 164-182

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