Journal of Russian Law

ISSN (Print): 1605-6590

ISSN (Online): 2500-4298

Journal of Russian Law is issued since 1997 and holds strong positions in a number of leading legal publications in the country. The main objective of the Journal is to search the balanced solutions in the field of lawmaking, public administration, legal regulation, law enforcement practices as well as ensuring the succession of the fundamental scientific thoughts.

The general concept of the Journal is reflective of the nature, level and diversity of domestic doctrinal researches, the main trends of the development of separate branches of legislation, the Russian experience which served as the starting point for synthesizing new ideas and discoveries in the field of legal science.

The Journal welcomes researches that combine theory and practice and contain constructive suggestions regarding the most effective ways and methods of legal regulation, provide a discussion platform for representatives of not only different scientific views, but also of different sciences and scientific schools.

The most of the materials also have the practical value because they contain detailed analysis of the legislative acts in a view of the recent development, and reveal their positive and negative sides. Such analysis allows the enforcers to diagnose risks and to determine the vectors of development of legal and other spheres of public activity.

An important area of Journal’s activity is devoted to extension of the international readership, to increasing of the foreign specialists’ interest to the Russian legal science. And it surely could help to consolidate the efforts of the scientific community in addressing the legal problems concerned with the processes of integration, globalization and effective cooperation of States. The English translation of selected articles of the Journal, in particular, contributes to realization of the mentioned task.

Getting to know with the Journal could allow you to feel the importance of scientific work, which is essential to modern society and the state for growth and development, for strengthening of the positions on the international arena, enhance the legal consciousness of citizens and understanding of the situational legislative decisions, which can lead to the lack of trust in the government and can make relationships in society more complicated.


Институт законодательства и сравнительного правоведения при Правительстве Российской Федерации
117218, г. Москва, ул. Большая Черемушкинская, 34


ООО "Юридическое издательство Норма"
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Представитель редакции:
Дамир Хайдярович Диянов