Kosmicheskie issledovaniia

ISSN: 0023-4206

Chief Editor: Eneev Timur Magometovich

Address: B. Gruzinskaya St., 10 123242, Moscow, Russia

Tel.: 8 (499) 254-24-90

E-mail: kosmos@ifz.ru

Website: https://www.naukaran.com/zhurnali/katalog/kosmicheskie-issledovanija/

The Journal Impact Factor 0,770 РИНЦ


The Journal «Kosmicheskie issledovaniia» (Space research) publishes reports on problems of space science and space technology such as ballistics, the dynamics of the flight of artificial Earth satellites and automatic interplanetary stations; the problems of reduction in planetary atmospheres; the design of satellites and onboard scientific instruments; life support and radiation protection systems for manned spacecraft; Earth exploration from space; studies of near-Earth space; research of the sun, planets and interplanetary medium; the study of stars, nebulae, interstellar medium, galaxies and quasars from satellites, as well as various astrophysical problems associated with space exploration.

The Editorial Committee: M.A. Vashkov'yak (Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics), B.V. Kozelov, (Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics), V.G. Kurt (Deputy Editor, Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)), V.M. Linkin (Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics), M.I. Panasyuk (Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics), A.A. Petrukovich (Corresponding Member, RAS), V.G. Petuhov (Corresponding Member, RAS), G.A. Popov (Academician of the RAS), V.V. Sazonov (Deputy Editor, Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)), V.V. Sidorenko (Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics).

Managing Editor: E.V. Travkina.