Zemlia i Vselennaia

ISSN: 0044-3948

Chief Editor: Zelyonyj Lev Matveevich

Co-Founder: Astronomical and Geodetic Association, "Science" ("Nauka") Publishers

Address: Profsoyuznaya str., 90 117997, Moscow, Russia

Tel: 8 (495) 276-77-28 (+ 42-31 or 42-32)

E-mail: zevs@naukaran.com

Website: http://ziv.telescopes.ru/contacts.html

The Journal Impact Factor:  0,041 РИНЦ

The Journal was founded in 1965. The journal publishes articles of domestic and foreign scientists and specialists in astronomy, cosmonautics, ecology, geophysics, and geodesy, paying particular attention to achievements and experiments in the study of outer space.

The Editorial Committee: L.M. Zelyonyj (Chief Editor); V.M. Kotlyakov (Deputy Chief Editor, Academician of the RAS); S.P. Perov; P.V. Vinogradov (Pilot Astronaut); O.V. Zakutnyaya (Candidate of Philological Sciences); L.M. Zelyonyj (Academician of the RAS); K.V. Ivanov (Doctor of Sciences(History)); A.Yu. Kaleri (Pilot Astronaut); O.Yu. Lavrova (Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences); A.A. Lutovinov (Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)); O.Yu. Malkov (Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)); I.N. Mitrofanov (Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)); I.I. Mohov (Academician of the RAS); I.D. Novikov (a corresponding member of the RAS); K.A. Postnov (Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)); M.V. Rodkin (Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)); F.B. Rublyova (Scientific Director of the Moscow Planetarium); A.L. Sobisevich (a corresponding member of the RAS); V.A. Solov'yov (a corresponding member of the RAS); A.M. Cherepashchuk (Academician of the RAS); V.V. Shevchenko (Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)); B.M. Shustov (a corresponding member of the RAS).