Issue 4

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  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Modern History
Francesco Guicciardini — from the «History of Florence» to «The History of Italy» Mark Yusim Pages 3-14
20th Century
Moscow — Prague: on the Eve of the Czechoslovak Tragedy (Based on the Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic) Igor Orlik Pages 15-28
USSR und Munich Agreement of 1938 Aleksander Shubin Pages 29-41
Eduard Daladier and the Policy of «Appeasement» on the Eve of World War II Aleksander Vershinin Pages 42-70
Current History
A milestone in Chinese history Vladilen Burov Pages 71-88
The Experience of Reconciliation, Peaceableness, Peacemaking Apollon Davidson Pages 89-96
Russia and the World
The History of Relations between the USSR/Russia and the Countries of the Arabian Peninsula Aleksander Shedrin / Olga Trofimova Pages 97-109
Methodology. Historiography. Source Studies
«Vietnam Syndrome» of Theusa: History Lesson? Vladimir Sogrin Pages 110-124
Poland's Participation in the Dismemberment of Czechoslovakia in 1938 Gennady Matveev Pages 134-156
Directives of the CPSU Central Committee to Soviet representatives at the quadripartite talks on West Berlin. Documents of the Foreign Policy Archive of the Russian Federation (January — July 1970) Rostislav Dolgilevich Pages 157-175
Documentary Essays
Neville Chamberlain and the Policy of «Appeasement» Nataliya Kapitonova Pages 176-204
Edward Beneš and the Munich Agreement Elena Serapionova Pages 205-223
Transformation of Place and Role of SAU in the British Empire in 1919—1934 Aleksey Streltsov Pages 224-228
N. K. Kapitonovа. British Prime Ministers. Political Portrait Elena Susloparova Pages 229-232
empty Petr Cherkasov Pages 232-235
empty Natalya Tanshina Pages 236-237
empty Alexandr Bogdashkin Pages 238-241
empty Yuriy Ivonin Pages 242-243
Scholarly Life
empty Liudmila Pechisheva Pages 244-245
empty Irina Lapshina Pages 246-247
empty Yuliya Mikhaylova Pages 248-248

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