Nadezhda Belyakova

Ph.D. in History

Senoir Research Fellow the Institute of World History RAS


religion and modernization, state-confessional relations, religious factor in the Cold war, daily life of Christians in the Soviet Union, history of Protestantism in the USSR

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Soviet in style, religious in contents. Letters from believers to authorities during the late Socialism (Rossiiskaia istoriia) -
A Sensitive Soul Suffers, Not Knowing What to Do to Remain Just Both Before God and Before the Law of the State”: Religious Freedom in the Letter of the Diocesan Leadership of the Catholic Church in Soviet Lithuania (ISTORIYA) -
Catholics in the Soviet Union: Testimonies of People about the Radical Transformations of the 1920s —1950s (ISTORIYA) -
Elusive Female Subjectivity in the Russian Empire in the Second Half of the 19th — early 20th Centuries: Socio-Medical Practices of Women's Religious Communities (ISTORIYA) -
Anti-Communism and Soviet Evangelicals in the 1960–1970s: Metamorphoses of Relations during the Cold War (Novaia i noveishaia istoriia) -
Cardinal König’s Trip to the Soviet Union in 1980: Church Diplomacy during the Cold war (Rossiiskaia istoriia) -
Female Pilgrimage to the Middle East during Global Transformation, or How Lost Female Pilgrims in the Holy Land Fell in the Sphere of Soviet Interests (ISTORIYA) -
The Soviet Presence in the Middle East in the Context of the Unfolding Cold War: Church Institutions and Actors of Influence in Palestine in 1940–50th (Novaia i noveishaia istoriia) -
Church Diplomacy in the Conditions of the Cold War: Directions of International Activity of the Russian Orthodox Church during the Period of Detente International Tension in the 1970s (ISTORIYA) -
Special Services and Religious Organizations in the Soviet State: Collaboration Mechanisms, Survival Strategies, Sources (ISTORIYA) -
KGB Agents in the Illegal Evangelical Communities of the Late USSR: the Experience of Microhistoric Research (ISTORIYA) -
The Unofficial Pilgrimage: Cardinal Franz König's 1980 Soviet Union Journey with the Board of the “Pro Oriente” Foundation (ISTORIYA) -