Coats of Arms of Russian Scientists

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Russian State University for the Humanities
Vavilov Institute of Science and Technology History RAS
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Journal nameISTORIYA
EditionIssue 4 (78)

This article is devoted to analysis of Russian noble coats of arms that belonged to scientists of the 18th — beginning 20th century. In the center of consideration officially approved coats of arms, which were awarded to scientists who have reached the rank of nobility in the service or awarding the order. In the Russian Empire, the scientist, as a rule, became either a personal or hereditary nobleman and, consequently, acquired the right to the coat of arms. Identified the main circle of the emblems, reflecting the scientific activity (snake, open book, bee, owl, etc.), it is shown that along with the traditional emblems in the Russian heraldry was actively used images of different scientific objects and phenomena for reflect the professional activity of the wearer of the coat of arms.

Keywordsscience, scientist, coat of arms, heraldry
Publication date17.06.2019
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