Socio-psychological aspects of the covid-19 pandemic: results of an expert survey of russian psychologists

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Affiliation: Institute of Psychology RAS
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Affiliation: Institute of Psychology RAS
Address: Russian Federation
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Affiliation: Institute of Psychology RAS
Address: Yaroslavskaya St., 13
Occupation: Researcher, Center for Macroeconomic Research
Affiliation: Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
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Journal namePsikhologicheskii zhurnal
EditionVolume 41 issue 5

The results of an expert survey of academic psychologists (N = 152) and practical psychologists (N = 181) on the socio-psychological aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic are presented. The psychological consequences of the coronavirus pandemic for the person, interpersonal relationships and society as a whole are considered. Survey participants predict, on the one hand, an increase in personal consciousness in various areas of life, an increase in the importance of family and friendship, on the other hand, they expect a decrease in confidence in people and social institutions, an increase in perceived inequality and intergroup tension, and the large-scale psychological traumatization. Experts draw attention to the need to move from the escalation of fear over coronavirus to saving the economy, dialogue between authorities and citizens, to relying on trust, social responsibility and concern for loved ones, to expanding measures of economic and psychological support to the population. Areas of further research into the socio-psychological consequences of the pandemic are outlined.

Keywordspandemic, coronavirus, risks, COVID-19, socio-psychological consequences, future, macropsychology
AcknowledgmentThe study was carried out with the support of the Russian Science Foundation, project No. 17–78–30035 "Psychological factors of economic and social competitiveness in Russia."
Publication date13.09.2020
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