Arkadiy Maron

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor

Leading Researcher

Academy for the implementation of state policy and professional development of educators of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation


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Qualimetric approach to assessing the quality of support and support of continuing education of teaching staff: managerial aspect (Man and Education) -
Development of professional competence of a leader as a condition for effective management of an educational organization (Man and Education) -
Choosing the strategy "self-determination in learning" as an indicator of professional development of the school director (Man and Education) -
Differentiated approach to in-service training of management personnel: practices and new models of organization (Man and Education) -
Systemic mechanisms for improving the quality of professional growth models for heads of educational organizations (Man and Education) -
Designing a municipal center for support and following adult continuing education (Man and Education) -
Study of the quality of the municipal environment for the development of pedagogical personnel: qualimetric approach (Man and Education) -
Content features of models of regional systems of educators’ in-service training (Man and Education) -
Conceptualization as the leading criterion for development of regional in-service teachers’ training systems: trends in innovative experience (Man and Education) -
Teacher in the Space of Distance Learning: New Opportunities (Man and Education) -
Didactics of Education Digitalization: the Aspect of Cadets’ Patriotic Education (Man and Education) -
Developing modern infrastructure for support of continuing education of teaching staff: cluster-modular approach (Man and Education) -
Criterial bases for redistribution of powers in the field of education between local government bodies and authorities of the Russian Federation subjects (Man and Education) -