Alexander Bogdanov in Intellectual Periodicals of the 1920s: Controversy and Hounding

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After a decade of comparative truce, the 1920s are characterized by a new anti-Bogdanov campaign. These attacks against Bogdanov in intellectual periodicals of the 1920s differed significantly in form: from polemical materials to assaults that could not be called anything but chase and in which the arguments were replaced by attaching political and ideological labels. They also differed in content: the main objects of criticism and chase were Bogdanov’s views on the current economic situation and on the methodology of economics in general, his point of view on the problems of the relationship between revolution and culture and his tektology. The author attempts to outline the main trends of anti-Bogdanov criticism on the example of three leading journals — “Under the Banner of Marxism”, “Bulletin of the Communist Academy” and “Bolshevik”, each of which was a voice of certain intellectual circles of the emerging Soviet culture of the 1920s.

KeywordsA. A. Bogdanov, political economy, Proletkult, tektology, dialectics
Publication date15.01.2020
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