Spain through the Prism of the Film “Songs for after a War”

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The documentary of Spanish Director Brasilia Martin Pitino “Songs for after a war”, shot in 1971 by order of the Franco government and allowed to be shown only in 1976, after the death of Franco, is based on archival documents, which are accompanied by the Spanish musical melodies of that era. Through a special prism, without any author's text, the state of the society that survived the civil war is shown, the society where the “winners” celebrate the victory, which in fact became a defeat for the entire population and history of Spain for the next 40 years. The film covers the period from the end of the civil war on April 1, 1939 to the beginning of the 1950s and covers almost all spheres of society. An image of Russia is presented. Documentary footage allows to appreciate contrasts and details of behavioral characteristics. Using materials of the official censorship, combining documents and music, the Director was able to create an anti-fascist film criticizing the regime of Franco.

Keywords“Songs for after a war”, documentary, Franco regime, the split of the Spanish society
Publication date15.03.2019
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