Projection of the Civil War on the Left Trends in Spain

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The consequences of the civil war of 1936—1939 for the political processes in Spain are quite obvious. Almost four decades of the Franco regime failed to uproot the left trends in the country, although it contributed to a deep split in Spanish society. In the post-Franco period, the demand for democratic and social change has intensified. Using the desire of the Spanish population for democratic change, the leading force of the left opposition — the Spanish socialist workers' party (PSOE) won an impressive victory in the parliamentary elections of 1982. The victory of the socialists was of historical importance for Spain. The forces that were defeated in the civil war came to power. Favorable opportunities were created for the Communists, who played even more prominent role in the civil war. The upsurge of the Communist movement in 1970—1980 and its withdrawal to the periphery of political life now deserve a separate consideration in the study of the general problems of left trends in Spain.

KeywordsSpain, civil war, Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, Communist party of Spain, Eurocommunism, Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain, “United left”
Publication date15.03.2019
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