Energiia: ekonomika, tekhnika, ekologiia

ISSN: 0233-3619

Chief Editor: Favorskij Oleg Nikolaevich
Address: Krasnokazarmennaya st.,17a 111116 Moscow, Russia
Tel.: 8 (495) 362-57-66
The Journal Impact Factor:  0,080 РИНЦ

The Journal «Energiia: ekonomika, tekhnika, ekologiia» (Energy: economics, technology, ecology) was founded in 1983 as a popular scientific edition of the USSR Academy of Sciences. The members of the editorial board of the journal are well-known scientists and specialists who have made a significant contribution to the national and world science. They also actively participate in the popularization of scientific knowledge. It is managed by the Presidium of the RAS and Institute for High Temperatures of the RAS.

The Editorial Committee: N.N. Baranov (Editor-in-Chief, Doctor of Sciences(Engineering)); E.M. Samsonova (Editor-in-Chief); E.V. Ametistov (a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences); V.M. Batenin (a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences); V.I. Borzenko (Candidate of Engineering Sciences); V.V. Bushuev (Doctor of Sciences(Engineering)); K.S. Demirchyan (Academician of the RAS); A.V. Klimenko (Academician of the RAS); A.S. Koroteev (Academician of the RAS); V.V. Kostyuk (Academician of the RAS); A.N. Lagar'kov (Academician of the RAS); I.M. Lobovskij (Candidate of Social Sciences); A.A. Makarov (Academician of the RAS); G.A. Mesyac (Academician of the RAS); O.M. Nefyodov (Academician of the RAS); V.V. Nechaev (Candidate of Engineering Sciences); G.G. Ol'hovskij (a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences);O.S. Popel' (Doctor of Sciences(Engineering)); A.K. Rebrov (Academician of the RAS); N.D. Rogalyov (Doctor of Sciences(Engineering)); A.A. Sarkisov (Academician of the RAS); E.E. Son (Academician of the RAS); V.V. Sychyov (Doctor of Sciences(Engineering)); S.P. Filippov (Academician of the RAS); V.E. Fortov (Academician of the RAS); A.B. Yanovskij (Academician of the RAS).

Managing Editor: I.D. Chabrova.