Obshchestvennye nauki i sovremennost

ISSN: 0869-0499

Chief Editor: Valentej Sergej Dmitrievich

Address: Nakhimovskii pr., 47 117418, Moscow, Russia

Tel.: 8 (495) 730-29-11

E-mail: ons.ran@mail.ru

Website: www.ecsocman.edu.ru/ons


The Journal Impact Factor: 1,097 РИНЦ

The Journal published under the direction of the Presidium of RAS. It was founded in 1976. The Journal "Obshchestvennye nauki i sovremennost" - the only academic interdisciplinary journal in our country. The journal publishes articles on political science and law, economics and sociology, philosophy and history, cultural science and psychology. Preference is given to research at the junction of various disciplines, including the humanities and natural sciences. 

The Editorial Committee:

Mark R. Beissinger, professor of Political Science at Princeton University, USA

Eduard Batalov, Dr. Sc. (Political Science)

Aleksandr Chubaryan, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Iosif Diskin, Dr. Sc. (Economics)

Taliya Khabrieva, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Andrey Kokoshin, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Igor’ Kondakov, Dr. Sc. (Philosophy)

Elena Kotlyarskaya, Executive Secretary

Aleksandr Libman, D. Sc. (Economics), professor (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany)

Akop Nazaretyan, Dr. Sc. (Philosophy)

Emil Pain, Dr. Sc. (Political Science)

Viktor Petrenko, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Jury Pivovarov, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Natalya Pliskevich, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Viktor Polterovich, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Thomas F. Remington, professor of Political Science (visiting professor at Harvard University, USA)

Vladimir Sogrin, Dr. Sc. (History)

Natalia Tikhonova, Dr. Sc. (Sociology)

Mark Urnov, Dr. Sc. (Political Science)

Grigory Vodolazov, Dr. Sc. (Philosophy)


Andrey Yakovlev, Dr. Sc. (Economics)



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